How to Get More Money for Your Used Cloth Diapers; Part 2: Know Where to Sell

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There are a lot of places that you can turn to sell your cloth diapers but there are some places that will get you the most money for your used fluff. A lot of forums, Facebook groups, and online classifieds have people who will lowball you to the point of being almost insulting and selling used diapers can sometimes be a frustrating experience. I now stay away from those places.

First, when I have diapers to sell I will list them in more than one place to get the maximum amount of exposure for a quick sale.

Everything You Need to Know About Cloth Diapers {all cloth diaper posts in one place}Cloth Diaper Trader

Cloth Diaper Trader is my favorite classified style site for selling diapers. It might take a little longer to sell them than other places but I have never had anyone try to nickel and dime me.

Spots Corner

Spots’ Corner is great if you have a more sought after brand (read RagaBabe, AppleCheeks, hybrid fitteds, etc). You can sell in an auction style or for a set price. There is a small fee to list here but if you have a lot of diapers to sell, the price is peanuts. It’s $2.50 for two weeks and you can list as many items as you want and don’t have to pay a percentage of the sale price. $2.50, that’s it.


Brand Specific Buy/Sell/Trade (or B/S/T) groups on Facebook. If you have a Blueberry diaper to sell, use the search function to find the Blueberry B/S/T, etc. Almost every big name diaper brand has a B/S/T page on Facebook.

Check my Big Ole List of Facebook Groups to find links to B/S/T groups and more!

Now go on and sell some diapers! Oh, and if you have any diapers with nasty velcro, clean it up first. It will pay off in the end.

How to Get More Money for Your Used Cloth Diapers; Part 2: Know Where to Sell for the Biggest Profit

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  1. I’ve been looking for diapers on Craigslist & Diaperswappers, & wasn’t too sure about trying to sell mine when we’re done with kids. (We’ve got 1, considering trying for 1 more.) This is good advice – thanks for posting!

  2. I always like it when people sell diapers as lots. I don’t know why, but it’s nice to feel like you’re getting a discount. I haven’t tried selling any yet, but I have some woolies I’d like to try to sell. I’ll have to check these links out.

  3. I do 99% of my selling in my local CD swap page. I’ve built up a reputation as a bit of a local guru, so I don’t have any issue with selling. In fact, I sold 4 diapers on Facebook in less than 10 minutes last night.

    1. My local Facebook group isn’t all that great for selling which is surprising being in a major metropolitan area in a crunchy state 😉 I wish it was more active for buying and selling! I love how close knit your local community sounds.

  4. I had good luck selling on brand specific boards. I also was able to sell some weird diapers by selling one in throwing in the other for “free.”

    1. That’s a good idea. I had a hard time getting rid of some bigger name “Alva rebrands”, I practically gave them away FFS. I worry that I may have a hard time when I go to sell some lesser known diapers that I still have. They are diapers that I actually really like but aren’t well known enough to have a specific BST page.

  5. I done most of my used buying and selling on DiaperSwappers, it’s a great community for advice on cloth diapers and talking about parenting, in general. I’ve also sold and bought on some B/S/T pages, I find those great for selling specific brands quickly.

    1. I’ve sold quite a few on DiaperSwappers as well. I found that a lot of the time the people tried to lowball me when I thought my prices were fair, but that’s common on many forum type sites. I still list there but I have to put that my price is firm and then I will lower it over time if something doesn’t sell.

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