Thirsties Duo Diaper Review

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5/20/2022: It doesn’t appear that the Thirsties Duo Pocket Diaper is made anymore, but you can still purchase the Thirsties Duo Wrap and the Thirsties AIO diapers.

Erin, the founder of Thirsties, started the company with nothing more than a sewing machine and $100 five years ago. Now Thirsties is one of the leaders in the cloth diaper industry! Thirsties is a continually growing company committed to greener parenting and eco-friendly, 100% American made products. All of Thirsties’ diapers are made by WAHMs who work very close to the warehouse, reducing their carbon footprint. Their customer service representatives are all knowledgeable and experienced cloth diapering moms

How fantastic is that? This kind of dedication and attention is what makes me very pleased to be able to offer one of my readers the Thirsties Duo diaper!

Thirsties Duo Diaper Review

About six weeks ago I was fortunate enough to be given a Thirsties Duo diaper to review. I chose the adorable Black Bird print. This print is so different from any other in my stash and I love it! I love that they wrapped the diaper up with a ribbon along with a nice letter and a copy of their catalog

Thirsties Duo Diaper Review
Thirsties Duo Diaper Review

This diaper has a durable outer fabric that made of polyester with a waterproof urethane coating. The inner lining is a polyester microfleece, one of the inserts is microfiber and the other is 55% hemp and 45% cotton. The two inserts snap together to make one absorbent insert or you can choose to use just one.

Thirsties Duo Diaper Review

The Thirsties Duo diaper is a two size system to get a more customized fit than a one size fits most diaper, but is also a more cost-effective option than a true sized diaper.

Their website states that the Thirsties Duo diaper size one will fit a 6-18 pound baby and the size two will fit an 18-40 pound baby. This system will enable you to truly diaper from newborn to potty training. 

Thirsties Duo Diaper Review
Thirsties Duo Diaper Review
Thirsties Duo Diaper Review

Overall, I have been very pleased with the performance of this diaper. My average wetter has started drinking more during the day and is turning into a heavier wetter so I have been using both inserts and this diaper still fits nicely under pants and jeans.

Even on the few occasions that I have used only one insert we remained leak-free. I pushed this diaper to my personal limit of 4 hours and while the inserts were soaked, his clothes were still dry!

This diaper is very easy to stuff and un-stuff since there is an opening at each end and it is dad-friendly. Somehow my husband can get wing droop on almost any diaper, but not with this one.

I did not try this diaper for overnight use, but as pleased as I am with the Thirsties Duo, I would love to add a Thirsties AIO and Thirsties Duo Wrap to my stash! I know that I will be adding at least one more Duo diaper very soon!

Why we like it:

  • Two sizes for a greater size range
  • Leg gussets
  • Easy to stuff
  • Comes with a natural fiber insert
  • Very absorbent without being bulky
  • Fits well under pants and jeans with two inserts
  • Cute and unique print
  • Dad friendly!

My only “complaint” about this diaper is that the hemp and cotton insert takes a long time to dry. It is usually still damp when everything else is completely dry, including my fitted diapers. When I’m putting diapers away I just hang it over the side of my diaper storage system and it’s dry by the next day so it’s really not that big of a deal.

Also, to have an entire stash of these could be expensive since you would have to buy two different stashes in size 1 and size 2, but to have a few of these in your stash is a must.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this diaper to anyone. In fact, I already have recommended it to a pregnant acquaintance who is considering cloth as a viable option for diapering a newborn while getting a longer life out of the diaper.

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  1. >id love to try the hemp inserts and the duoall n one diaperin the hoot print

  2. >I love the way these Duo diapers work. I would choose the Black Bird print – so cute!

  3. >I would love to try their Duo All In One Diaper, the alice brights print. I would also love to try their Super Wash!

  4. >I would like to try the Thirsties Diaper Ointment!

    Beth O'Donnell

  5. >I would pick the Alice brights pattern, it's so cute!
    meltheplux at gmail dot com

  6. >I would choose the Rose color but I like the warm stripe too but ok the Rose it is lol
    Gladys P
    sps1113 at yahoo dot com

  7. >I love the Alice Brights print- my little one is getting close to size 2 at this point. I also may try the duo hemp prefold at some point.

  8. >Black bird or Hoot – so cute 🙂 Entering as Erin Cox on the RC form.

  9. >I would love to try the DUO help prefold in the Blackbird print, it's adorable!

  10. >I love the Blackbird print, but I already have three diapers with that print (!), so I'd probably get Mango. Thanks for the giveaway!
    maria.the.uncommon at gmail dot com

  11. >I love all Thirsties products but I would love to try a new AIO Size 2 in Alice Brights

  12. >I would love to try their fitted diaper. I have the cover and need more than just 2.

  13. >I would love to try the new AIO, and I'd also love to have this diaper in Blackbird!

  14. >I love the blackbird print in a size 2! Definitely one I would like to try. I have a Duo Fab and really like it. I would love to try the AIO too 🙂

  15. >I would love to try their new AIO. I have a Duo Fab Fitted, and an AIO would round out the Thirsties stash nicely (with some wipes).

  16. >They're Agoo leggings. I got 4 pairs of them on Baby Half Off. They're all very cute and the quality is right on par with BabyLegs. Actually they're a little softer than BabyLegs.

  17. >i would like to try the thirsties wipes.
    I would choose a size 1 in alice bright

  18. >I'd love to have the Duo AIO in Blackbird size 2. I also love love love the striped legwarmers in the top picture- where did you find those?

    (I entered Rafflecopter as Brandi Elam)

  19. >I would choose Alice Brights in size 2 snaps. I would also love to try their new AIO.

  20. >I would also love to try a Thirsties fitted diaper and if I won I would choose the orchid color!

  21. >I would choose the Hoot size One diaper w/snaps
    tanyainjville at yahoo dot com

  22. >I would choose the Hoot print in size 2, snaps closure if I won!

    Carolyn H
    graceink at yahoo dot com

  23. >I would love the Hoot in a size 1 as I am expecting a little boy in July.

  24. >I would choose their wipes because they're supposed to be one of the best wipes and my son has had a really rough time lately 🙁

  25. >I would love to try their AIO! And i'd choose a size 2 in alice brights for my little girl. 🙂
    (mary michaud)

  26. >I love their black bird print too, and I think I'd pick size 2 so my older girl could use it too.

  27. >I love the blackbird print and think there 2 size system is awesome for a better fit even if it costs a bit more in the beginning!

  28. >It's okay, I know some people are spoiled now and pinning isn't a mandatory entry. But any of the photos in my recipes and reviews are my own so if it links back here, it's being linked to the original source. Any photos that weren't taken by me are noted with a link back to where I got it from 🙂

  29. >I lI've their new all in ones, but I like the duos too! I hear you about the dying times! I'd like the cool stripes in a size 2 duo, because both my 2 1/2 yo and 5 mo nth old fit into it! But regarding pintrest, you might want to check out their privacy policy that you agreed to. Basically, you said you own everything you pinned, you're giving up rights to it, they can take the image and market it, can sue you for rights, and you agree to pay any legal fees that you/them come up with. So yeah, I will not be pinning any more. 🙁 I love that site though 🙁 oh well.

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