Halloween 3D Haunted House Paper Craft For Kids

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Make a spooky Halloween craft with your kids to spend time together and get them excited about the holiday. This 3D paper haunted house craft is fun for school age kids while also teaching younger kids cutting and pasting skills.

Kids can follow step-by-step instructions as well as develop fine motor skills by cutting out all the individual pieces needed to construct our haunted house craft, which makes an awesome decoration when they’re done!

Easy 3D haunted house craft for kids

How to make a 3D Halloween haunted house paper craft


Gather all of the craft supplies that you will need for this paper haunted house Halloween craft.

Download and print the PDF haunted house template, select blue construction paper, and colored cardstock paper; black, white, yellow, grey, and orange. Trace the template patterns on the selected colored construction and cardstock papers. Use scissors to neatly cut out the traced patterns and set them aside. 

Note: there is also a stencil for a larger pumpkin and grass, We chose not to use them for our final craft, but they are available for you to use in your scene.

Halloween crafts haunted house

Take the bat patterns and create a crease by folding them in half along the middle. Use a gel pen or fine tip Sharpie to draw the faces of the small pumpkins by tracing the stencil.

Add twirl patterns on the cloud cutout. 

Haunted house craft ideas

To make the haunted house, attach the windows and door cutouts on the house shape with craft glue or a glue stick. 

Haunted house craft for kids

Take the ghost cut out and draw the face of the ghost using a sharpie.

Halloween papercraft

Cut out small square shapes from the craft foam sheet. The pieces should be prepared according to each papercraft pattern. For example, for the smaller patterns cut out small foam pieces, and for larger patterns prepare bigger pieces.

Note: each foam piece should be smaller than the pattern it is prepared for. 

Haunted house papercraft

Attach the foam pieces on the backside of each papercraft pattern. Depending on the layer for each pattern attach single or several layers of foam pieces depending on how 3D you would like your craft to be.

For example, we’ve attached 1 piece of foam on the backside of the cloud patterns, 2 on the backside of the moon and house, and so on. The foam pieces will give the papercraft patterns a 3d look by lifting them up from the paper. 

Halloween haunted house crafts

Prepare a piece of construction paper for the background of the 3d art. We used blue, but you can use whatever color you like that contrasts well with the other colors in the haunted house craft.

Arrange and glue the 3d patterns on the construction paper background to create your scene. 

Tip: Assemble your complete scene before gluing any pieces down to make sure it looks the way you want it to.

Paper haunted house
3D paper haunted house

We hope this easy and fun spooky haunted house craft will get your children excited about Halloween. Make this papercraft with them to teach them important cutting and pasting skills or just have a good time together!

This project also makes for a great decoration to hang on a window or door after it’s done.

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