Sweet Pea Newborn Cover, AIO and Wetbag Review

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Sweet Pea sent me a package of newborn diapers and accessories in exchange for my honest review.

I received a newborn cover, prefold, bamboo insert,  a newborn all in one, and a wetbag from Sweet Pea Cloth Diapers. The Marksman is right at 12 pounds and about 24.5 inches in these pictures. For anyone who is wondering, the marks on his right leg in the pictures are from the bumps in the blanket, not the diaper elastic.

The cover:

Sweet Pea newborn cloth diaper review - newborn diaper cover and prefold

I think I can say this best with one sentence: I regret buying any newborn cover other than this. But since you all are probably looking for some details, I’ll expound a little!

First of all, Sweet Pea newborn covers are one of few newborn covers that I’ve seen with a snap down front like one size diapers. This means your baby gets a ton more wear out of one of these covers than a typical newborn diaper. That’s a big deal to a family who is cloth diapering to save money. It’s also nice for families like mine who have a baby who shows up several pounds larger than expected. They are designed to fit from 5-12 pounds, but The Marksman is a just over that right now and will easily get 2 more weeks out of these if he grows at the same rate.

Sweet Pea newborn cloth diaper review - newborn diaper cover and prefold

The covers have double leg gussets, which I prefer for all diapers but are important for containing newborn poop. They fasten with Velcro. Most of the other diapers we’ve used have Velcro that seems surprisingly rough considering how sensitive newborn skin is. We even had some scratch his umbilical stump to the point of bleeding! So I was very glad to see how gentle and almost furry this Velcro seemed. After a lot of use in a short amount of time, the only leak we had from a Sweet Pea cover was when we accidentally left a little of a fitted diaper poking out of a leg hole.

We really did put away all our other covers and order a few extra Sweet Peas. I’m not sure I can give a better review than that!

Sweet Pea newborn cloth diaper review - newborn diaper cover and prefoldSweet Pea newborn cloth diaper review - newborn diaper cover and prefold

Inserts & Prefold:

I was also sent a bamboo insert and newborn prefold, made of 100% Indian cotton, to try out with this. The recommended weight range for this is 6-18 pounds. It’s pretty trim for a prefold. The thing about newborn diapers is they are just so bulky. Even though newborn diapers are smaller, the babies are so small at this age that a few ounces of extra material makes more of a difference than it does to older babies and toddler. Even though he’s a big baby and in the size range for some of our one size diapers, Mark looks swallowed up by all of them and even some of the newborn diapers with a larger weight range. So any diaper that doesn’t make us have to size up his clothing gets my stamp of approval.

I am able to use the bamboo liner in the newborn covers even though it is not specifically designed for newborns by folding up the front, which is where little boys need extra absorbency anyways. This makes the trimmest combo that I’ve found in newborn diapers. And like most bamboo products, the insert is very soft. Both the insert and the prefold seem to be pretty average with the amount of liquid they can hold. This means less than an hour of wear time for Mark, but he pees A LOT. Seriously, I don’t understand how a newborn can pee so much. Previously, I only changed disposables when a baby pooped in them or enough time had passed that a change was necessary to prevent a rash. But we have to change this baby before either of those happen, because if we don’t, he exceeds the liquid capacity of the disposable.

Newborn AIO:

Sweet Pea newborn cloth diaper review - newborn AIO

Sweet Pea also sent an all-in-one to try out. It has the same gussets and Velcro as the cover, and a very soft, newborn-friendly microfleece interior.

Sweet Pea newborn cloth diaper review - newborn AIO

The AIO has the same snap down option as the newborn cover. It has a 3 layer attached soaker with a pocket diaper-like opening so inserts can be added if more absorbency is needed. This held quite a lot. In fact, it’s probably the most absorbent newborn diapers we’ve tried, definitely the winner in the AIO category.

Sweet Pea newborn cloth diaper review - newborn AIO

With a small microfiber insert in the pocket, we could go a long time before changing Mark. The fit on this diaper was absolutely ideal on Mark. It had just enough bulk to give him some cute fluffiness and look extra comfortable but was nowhere near big enough to make us size up his onesies.


Sweet Pea newborn cloth diaper review - newborn AIO

I wanted to order a few of these when I got some more covers, but since we have a pretty good supply of fitted newborn diapers in need of covers, that seemed impractical. Like the covers, the size range for the AIO is listed as 6-12 but I think we’ll get quite a bit more use out of it than that.


Sweet Pea newborn cloth diaper review - wet bag

Lastly, I was sent a Sweet Pea wetbag. It’s 12 x14 sized, which is my preference for travel bags, and feels particularly sturdy as wetbags go. I’m a big fan of the handle loop. Since the handle snaps, I should be able to roll it up before putting it in a diaper bag. That’s so convenient. We currently use this in our bedroom for night changes since Mark sleeps with us, and the large wetbag stays in another room. It’s worked well so far. I foresee it getting a lot of use once we’re into our fall schedule and on the go a lot again.

As an extra item, I was sent a bag of Mommy Moosli, a cereal to help with milk production. I have not been struggling with producing milk at all, but since I’m pumping enough to get Phil back on breast milk and complete off Almond milk, a little extra help doesn’t hurt. On days when I have a bowl of the Moosli for breakfast, I pump an extra ounce of two at my evening pump. If I eat it two days in a row, I actually have more milk than I would like so I’d say this is definitely effective.

To purchase:

If you would like to purchase the well-made and affordable products from Sweet Pea visit their store locator. They sell a wide variety of cloth diapering items – Wetbags, prefolds, newborn covers and AIOs, one-size covers and pockets.

Review by Kara

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  1. I would love to try it. The newborn AIO looks really soft and I love the print is really cute. Thanks for your review.

  2. I discovered Sweet Pea diapers a while ago, while diapering my first child. I’ve found that the quality has only gotten better with time and I really appreciate that!! I’m so excited that there is now a newborn diaper, as I am due with baby #3 in November!

  3. Okay, these cloth diaper covers are too cute for words. Also love that they’re far more gentle on newborn skin! It pains me to think of velcro being rough enough to hurt their tiny little selves or cause bleeding. Ouch! Also stoked that they contain newborn blowouts. I don’t think any disposables are capable of doing that – haha.

  4. This is absolutely something I wish I had for my little- he’s right about 13 lbs but still fitting NB and I didn’t have money to try a lot of different things- flour sack towels and homemade fleece covers for me! lol

  5. I just love the diaper and wetbag prints shown above! They diapers look like they fit well around the legs. I’ve never tried bamboo in our cloth diapers before, but I have heard, like you said, that it is very soft. I would love to give it a try!!

  6. I seriously just found out about these diapers and all I’ve heard is good things! I will be ordering one soon!

  7. We have a sweet pea one size cover that we love, but didn’t try any of the newborn ones. I will definitely keep them in mind for the next 😉

  8. I did not start using cloth until my son was about 6 weeks, but with #2 I’m going to try from the beginning! I like that Sweet Pea offers different options (prefold/cover and AIO), would love to have a couple in my stash

  9. I love AIOs as well, it just makes things easier for me. I absolutely love the patterns you chose too, so bright and colorful! Thanks for all of the great info!

    1. They have some other super cute patterns too. Their owl is probably my favorite of the ,any owl prints out there.

  10. These look so trim! All I can think of was trying to start cloth diapering with a one size diaper when my little one was 2 months old… Soooo bulky. I would love to try these newborn diapers with the next one.

    1. That’s the same age we started The Philosopher in cloth and I felt the same way about the bulk. I think they really limited his mobility. I have a few one size diapers that could have fit The Marksman from birth, but I didn’t even try any.

  11. I have a two month old and have been wanting to switch to cloth so this information is very helpful.

  12. I loved my newborn Sweet Pea AIOs! However, I do have to say that the hook and loop didn’t last as long as it did on my other diapers. 🙁

  13. Love that they fit for so long!! I love being able to get the full use out of something before I have to size up!! Love that they are super easy to use too 🙂 A beginner like me would be perfect with these I think!

    1. Well, he’s nearing 14 lbs as far as I can tell with my adult scale and they still fit without leaks or red marks. There’s not much room left so I have to be selective about what inserts to use to make sure the insert fits inside the diaper and is absorbent enough , but they’re still going! I bet you’ll get the hang of cloth diapering really quickly. It’s not nearly complicated than I thought when I was on “the other side”!

  14. That wetbag is beautiful. I have only heard wonderful things about this diaper company.

  15. The newborn AIO looks really soft, and it seems to have a nice snug fit. The little raccoon print is so cute!

    1. I’ve notice PUL seems either thick/sturdy but stiff or soft but fragile. These are quite soft but also feel pretty sturdy. They are seriously well made diapers. And we’re big fans of that print, too.

  16. We had two newborn Sweet Pea covers when our little one was born. She was under 7 lbs and narrow and the Sweet Pea covers fit her great where other covers didn’t! We just used them with a prefold and they worked great! Now at 10 lbs, the newborn covers still fit and we use them often! I’m a huge fan! I need to try the OS AIO’s next!

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